Monday, February 16, 2015

Edumacation Redux

It would seem my previous concerns about the chemistry class were premature.  The initial quiz was difficult, but it also served to highlight exactly where I needed to brush up.

Now I'm holding a solid A in the class and am finding the mechanics of organic chemistry are coming back to me.

We're currently working on benzene and other aromatic compounds, plus doing Carbon-13 and Hydrogen NMR spectroscopy.

It is actually really fun.

Like playing a rogue in early PvP. Just watching all the little problems get solved with precise application of subtlety and stabbing.

Also, within the week, I'll be building a new high-performance rig. I'm looking at 32Gb of RAM and a 4Gb Radeon GPU. Plus other fun things.

Things are coming together nicely.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On Edumacation

I don't know if I've mentioned this previously, and right now I can't be bothered to go back and look.  I returned to school this past Fall to continue pursuit of my Chemistry degree.  Last semester was good, and I wound up getting a 4.0 GPA.  That's pretty damn good.

Fast forward to today.  This is the first day of the Spring semester, and 30 minutes into my first class, I felt myself slipping into madness.

It was Organic Chemistry II, which is pretty important for a chemistry major like myself.

It's been about ten years since I took OChem I.  So in preparation for this class, I bought my textbook a month early and have been ramming it into my brain during the holiday break.
And a half an hour into the class, the professor gave us a pop quiz.

And I'm totally fucked.

On the positive side, if he ever puts up a link to his podcasts, I'll be able to essentially relearn everything from OChem 1 and then I should be all set.

Oh, and when I did my transfer back to this school, they told me three of my classes wouldn't transfer.  Fine.  Whatever.  I took two of them last semester and paid the money for them and spent the time working on them.

And then, when I checked my transcript yesterday, I discovered that the classes did transfer, and that I just got royally screwed out of $3,000 and 6 hours of credits I could've spent elsewhere.

Today's been rough.  I still have another eight hours on campus before I'll be done for the day.  Eesh.

Friday, November 21, 2014

What's in a Name?

In my travels through Draenor, I've come across a few names that were familiar.

Not from the lore, mind you, but from the WoW-related blogs.

Take, for example, Cymre Brightblade in Gorgrond.  The name caught my attention, and not just because the NPC had a big blue quest icon over her head.  No, it caught my attention because I read Bubbles of Mischief on occasion.  Generally, I also marvel at the clarity of Cymre's pictures and wish to the Light I had a better graphics card.

Part of me wonders if the NPC is named after the blogger.  I think I'll choose to believe that she is.

Which brings me to my next one.  I was running around in Nagrand, specifically in the Burning Blade training area where you help Landrathor (or whatever his name is) regain his blade, banner, and honor.  There's a rare spawn there named...


He drops only the Smoldering Heart of Hyperious, but that's okay.  Point is, he's got my name.

I am a rare, giant, burning fire elemental erupting from a lava pit.  And I look awesome!

But Hype, you're a paladin! Why is he a giant fire elemental?!

Well, I'm gonna go with the fact that the raid boss I've killed most often is Ragnaros.  I've been farming him for eternity to get the Eye of Sulfuras and any other fun stuff he might drop.  Plus... I can.  I can farm the mightiest of all fire elementals on a weekly basis.  Because I am a paladin, and he is my bitch.

Anywho.  Fellow bloggers and other readers, have you seen any NPCs that remind of you other bloggers?  If so, let me know!


I finished up Talador and Gorgrond, plus Spires of Arak.  I still have every other zone to do.  That should be fun.
I've also got to get together 2,000 garrison resources in order to buy the level 3 garrison.  Not as fun, but there it is.
I've got three alts through the first wave of quests to their own garrisons, so if nothing else, they're all currently building up resources and rested XP.  I'm trying to decide if I want to run Hyperius through dungeons and heroics and prep for LFR and such, or if I just want to level all my alts and have their professions maxed out as well.
In any case, DING!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Battle for Shattrath

First, let's start by reminding everyone that I love paladins.  Paladins are always the best.  Especially because of the whole "Look-How-Powerful-My-Vengeance-Is" trip.

Battle for Shattrath was a really great scenario.  First, it wasn't stagnant or boring.  Second, it showed how expansive Shattrath really is.  In Burning Crusade, we saw the Shattrath that resulted from the original Horde's assault under Fel Enslavement.  This is a whole different city.  Sure, the main points are there, but the overall city is bigger and better.

Now, back to the paladins.


At the end of the scenario, there's that final cutscene where Ogrim Doomhammer and Blackhand are fighting, and that Draenei Vindicator is also there.  She taunts Blackhand, and while he's paying attention to her, she resurrects Ogrim, who throws his axe to her.  Then she goes fully-pally-beast-mode with the Avenging Wrath wings and the killing with the screaming and the winning.

Exactly. Like. Paladins. Do.

So yeah.  I really enjoyed that Scenario.

Current level: 99 on Hyperius.  Getting close.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mini-Post: Archaeology

In Cataclysm, Archaeology came out.  It was a bitch and I hated it.

But I did it.  Why?  Because of the Vial of the Sands.  That super rare alchemy recipe that I had to get because I'm nuts.  But once I did it, I stopped.  Why bother continuing that mindless grind that stretched from one corner of the world to the next?

Fast forward to Warlords.

Okay.  Archaeology is still around, and there are three new races to .... archae..olo...gize.

To research.

Fine.  Whatever.  I don't care.  What's that random thing in the tree?

Some sort of clickable treasure box?

*jump jump jump*

Nope.  Can't reach it.

Wait, there's a rope leading to just below that treasure box.

Where's that rope start?  Oh, by the other rope.  *follows ropes*

*climbs on ropes*

*walks the path*

Celebration time, I finally made it across those ropes.  I bet there's something in the box!  Maybe not something crazy, but something!

*open box*

.... 54 Arrakoa Archeology Fragments.


Combined with the fragments I keep getting from the garrison mine carts, I've got enough for a thing!

*carefully smash pieces together until I make a thing*


Archaeology is not so grindy anymore.  In fact... dare I say this?... it's a *puzzle*.

You have to solve some sort of puzzle to get the archaeology bits.  And the harder the puzzle, the more bits you gets.

I might yet become an archaeologist.