Monday, January 20, 2014

Borderlands 2


Bought another game because I'm a grown-up and can do what I want. This one came recommended by a few different friends, so I had high expectations right off the bat.

And I was not disappointed.  The learning curve is a bit steep if you're coming off of Care Bear mode games.  I made my first character, Salvador the Gunzerker, and got right to it.

The interface is intuitive enough and the storyline offers enough guidance without feeling restrictive.  Controls are a little clumsy at first, but that may be because I got spoiled by lock-targeting in other games. Once you get used to having to actually point a gun at someone's head to kill them, it evens out.

Class style.

The Gunzerker class is very much a charge-in-guns-a'blazin' style class. I underestimated the importance of this when I first got going. With gun accuracy diminishing rapidly as your target distance increases, you've got to be practically in their face to kill them.

Which is kinda the point of the Gunzerker.

Okay. Ambience and environment. The bad guy du jour is Handsome Jack. He is, without question, a sicko. He also delights in cutting into your radio and taunting you all the time.  I think I'll enjoy beating him to death.

The violence in the game is to the point that it actually becomes absurd. Testing a gun at the pawn shop involves going to the firing range where the targets are alive, strapped to a board, and struggling.  The good Dr. Zed is a doctor like Dr. Pepper is a doctor. As in very much not really. He's definitely not board certified. Anywhere. His idea of surgery is punching his "patient" (victim) in the throat until the "patient" (seriously poor bastard) either dies or gives up the loot he swallowed.

Violence is beyond insane because most of the baddies are, in fact, insane as well.

Graphics are impressive. Yeah yeah, PC master race comments, move on. I'm talking about the style. Think gritty comic book. Think steampunk. Think cell shading in the way of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

It's pretty awesome. I'm currently only at level 10 and I can already say the talent specialization is *very* much like early WoW with the points and ranks of talents.  Mainly I'm focusing on more ammo and better defenses. These are, I think, critical to being a mindless rampaging death machine.

Anywho. So that's me on Borderlands 2 so far. I'm sure I'll post more on it as I continue playing.

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  1. LOL your first line cracks me up! Glad you're having fun in Borderlands 2.